Big Data and IoT on Geographical Indications for Environment & Sustainability

Geographical Indications play a key role in the development of society as well as domestic and foreign trade. It is essential to balance the environment and sustainability for the health-environment, health-product, and health-people. The project of Big Data and Internet Things on geographic indications for environment and sustainability (GIES) aims to reach Goal1 (No Poverty), Goal2 (Zero Hunger), Goal15 (Life on Land) and Goal 17(Partnerships for the goals). The project is a cluster of best practice cases, the team member of each case is consisted of partners from multi-stakeholders, e.g. scientific community, engineers, government officers, private sectors, civil societies, media and etc.

The Consultative Committee on Information Technology of China Association for Science and Technology (CCIT/CAST) will host the workshop on “Big Data and Internet Things on Quality Geographical Products for Environment and Sustainability” on WSIS 2022 to discuss how to use comprehensive geographic science and technology, with the support of big data and Internet of Things technology to monitor the ecological environment related to geographic products, in order to develop high-quality geographic products to promote ecological protection and sustainable development.

Session Video Recording is available: