Risk-informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health

A Framework for Global Science in Support of Risk-informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health

Prepared by the DRR Research Agenda Core Group; sponsored by the Integrated

Research for Disaster Risk programme, International Science Council and the United

Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

“The emerging global risk landscape of a pandemic, dramatic changes to climate and biodiversity, social
and financial crises, severe degradation of the environment and ecosystem services, digitalization and

hyperconnectivity, inequalities and vulnerabilities poses new challenges for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and

its associated areas of climate change adaptation and risk reduction through the Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs).
The trend is for more severe and complex impacts with increasing global concern about

and acknowledgement of systemic, compound and cascading risks and impacts. Rapid political, social and

technological developments in addition to planetary change are contributing to this shifting landscape. The

risks seem existential, posing a threat to many communities and livelihoods and, ultimately, to humanity’s